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;=============================================================================== ; ; Sample script to tidy up a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file ; ; This script is designed for use with the Parse-O-Matic Power Tool ; ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; ; Input: A CSV file with the following characteristics: ; ; - The fields are separated by semicolons rather than commas. ; This is common practice in Europe and South America. ; ; - There may or may not be quotes around non-numeric fields. ; This is, unfortunately, common practice by those who do not ; know about the canonical format for CSV files. For example, ; the file might have quotes around obvious text (such as a ; person's name) but omit the quotes around a date. ; ; - We will assume that the input file could contain some null ; records (i.e. lines with no data). Many CSV files have one ; or more blank lines at the end, or at other odd places. ; ; - We do not know in advance how many fields will be in each ; record. ; ; Output: We replace the semicolons with commas, and put quotes around the ; fields that are not purely numeric. ; ;=============================================================================== ; Input ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TrimChar $Data 'B ' ; Remove spaces at the edges If $Data = '' Done ; Ignore null lines Record = SplitCSV $Data #13 ';' ; Parse out the CSV fields ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Output ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OutCSV '' 'Init' ; Start of CSV output record Begin Record <> '' ; Loop through the fields Field = Parse Record '' #13 'Cut Relaxed' ; Get the next field TestNum = Numeric Field 'Yes' ; See if it's numeric or not If TestNum = 'Y' OutCSV Field 'Unquoted' ; If numeric, don't use quotes Otherwise OutCSV Field 'Quoted' ; Text fields use quotes Again ; Look for another field OutCSV '' 'Done' ; Send CSV record to output


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