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Installing Parse-O-Matic Free or Advanced Editions (POMPT)

To run a script from the Parse-O-Matic Knowledge Base you will first need to install the latest version of the Parse-O-Matic Free Edition (POMPT).

You may then wish to try the sample scripts that come with POMPT you can click the Help button to learn more about these.

Obtaining the Script

The usual way to grab a script from the Parse-O-Matic Knowledge Base is to do a copy-and-paste from the PSKB document. If POMPT reports an error with the script, make sure you have not included any extraneous text before or after the script. You may also find it helpful to compare the online version with the one you have, to ensure that you do indeed have the entire script.

Installing the New Script

There are two ways to install a new POMPT script:

1) The best method is to copy the script into a folder you have included in POMPT's Path list. (For an explanation of the Path list, click the Path button in POMPT and then click Help.)

2) If you have not defined a Path list, you can copy the script into the POMPT home folder. If you installed POMPT with the default folder name, the directory path will be named:

C:\Program Files\Pyroto\POMPT

Running the Script

After you have installed the script, start up POMPT. Type the name of the script into the Script File input box.

Next, click the corresponding View button to look at the script. Most of the scripts from the Parse-O-Matic Knowledge Base contain their documentation in the script's comments section, instead of a separate help file.

Note: Sometimes, when Pyroto, Inc. creates a custom application for a client, we almost always create a separate help file, but for the PSKB it is usually more convenient for everybody if everything appears in one file.

Once you have read the comments, you can type in the name of the input and output files, and fill in any options that are necessary. Make sure the Autoview box is checked and (in most cases) that the Append box is not checked.

Finally, click the Start button to begin processing. Once this is complete, POMPT will display the output file.


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